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OUR MISSION To unleash the power of the arts. OUR VISION We will build a city of great dreams and vigorous life, where everyone participates in and benefits from the arts. OUR MESSAGE We Promote, Support and Advocate for the arts. We are a nonprofit organization serving the five-county region- Clay, Platte and Jackson in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas. Some of our most well-known programs include the ArtsKC Fund, Kansas City’s united arts fund, and Now Showing, a program matching local artists looking to show their work in corporate spaces. However, our programs and services are not limited to just these core initiatives!  ArtsKC aims to connect individuals to their arts community by providing detailed information in our online Resource Center. In addition, we work with local government and civic leadership to advocate for the arts.

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106 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

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