Community Wellness Specialist- MATTIE RHODES CENTER

17.09.2021 hccgKC Careers

Job Description

Job Title: Community Wellness Specialist

Department: Youth & Young Adult Services

Reports to: Youth Development Coordinator

The Community Wellness Specialist will implement different curriculums in participating KC metro
sites/schools during after school hours. This position will collaborate with several other individuals
and organizations inside and out of MRC to promote and implement health related programs for
both youth and adults across the NE community. This includes, but it is not limited to the following
• Soccer for Success is the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s innovative youth development
program that uses soccer as a tool to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy
lifestyles for children in under-resourced urban communities.
• Eating from the Garden is a program to help children increase their consumption of
fruits and vegetables and to promote healthier food choices.
• Marathon Club is a program that promote running/walking for youth and adults
while they work their way up to a marathon distance and earn rewards.
• Youth Advisory Board is a program for HS age students where youth will be able
to provide feedback on particular issues (built environment, community engagement,
advocacy, policy change) to take on their own projects and solutions to achieve
greater awareness of what is occurring in their neighborhoods and promote system
• Zumba is a program that promotes dance as a workout for both youth and adults in the NE
This is a temporary, part-time, nonexempt position which maintains some flexibility in schedule due
to the nature of the work.

• Adhere to each of the curriculums, standards, guidelines and procedures for nutrition,
education, soccer instruction, mentoring and assessment for each of the different programs.
• Abide by organizational guidelines, schedules and school policies.
• Attend to all scheduled time to implement or oversee quality of programming.
• Provide support to staff during implementation of program, as necessary; act as substitute
when necessary.
• Ensure implementation of curriculums by all staff.
• Engage families to learn more about all programs.
• Ensure safety by communicating and enforcing rules, consequences, policies and guidelines
at participants’ and staff comprehension levels.
• Provide and model an emotionally secure environment for program participants and exhibit
effective cultural competencies.
• Attend family engagement events.
• Serve as a positive role model.
• Register appropriate number of participants in the program
• Collect and submit attendance records on a weekly basis from staff at site for both staff and
participant attendance.
• Facilitate data collection.
• Work closely with Program staff to ensure success of the program, including conducting staff
• Distribute, collect, maintain and return equipment.
• Inspect equipment for -safety hazards, damage or wear at the end of each program day.
• Ensure safety of site; determine whether a trained CPR/First Aid staff member or partner is
present at all times.
• Ensure that each staff member has access to emergency plan and first aid kit
• Respond to phone and email communication within 24 hours.
• Submit time sheets as required; ensure staff submit timesheets on time.
• Schedule monthly check-in with program staff (by phone or in person).
• Ensure all data collected is in the system by the end of program season.
• Submit incident reports to Supervisor within 24 hours of incident

Total number of employees supervised:
Directly: TBD
Indirectly: TBD

• Passion for urban education, health education, youth development and sports
• Excellent people skills in a diverse environment
• Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with staff, parents and players
• Ability to motivate others around you and work as part of a team
• Daily access to reliable transportation
• Must pass a background check and drug test

• Spanish fluency
• Supervisory experience
• Knowledge of soccer

The above information is intended to describe the most important aspects of the job. It is not intended to be construed as an
exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required in order to perform the work.

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