Lead Custodian

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Company: UMKC
Job ID: 38300
Location: UMKC Volker Campus
Hiring Department: UMKC Campus Facilities Management

Job Description


This is routine, manual work utilizing knowledge of various custodial materials, equipment, methods and procedures used in maintaining a clean, neat and orderly building. Work is spot-checked frequently and reviewed by observation for neatness, cleanliness, efficiency and overall results. Functional contacts include students, staff and general public using building facilities.

Work in this classification consists of providing direction and leadership to other employees while performing the same general type and kind of duties. Arrange for needed assistance from other shops on a particular job or work assignment and provide coordination for the work being performed. All work is subject to spot-checking and review for overall conformance to specifications and accepted standards of the trade. Functional contacts include co-worker




Receive work assignments from supervisor, plan or assist in scheduling of work operations and assign tasks. Arrange for timely assistance from other trades where required. Instruct or train workers as necessary in the use of materials, equipment, methods, procedures, and safety regulations. Keep all work operations under close direction. Initiate required action to resolve work problems. Inspect work for conformance to accepted standards.

Assure availability of necessary tools, materials and equipment and provide for proper storage. May maintain records of materials used, time reports, job time, etc. May write work orders, estimates for job costs, time and materials, take inventory and order or purchase materials or supplies as necessary and authorized. Inform supervisor regarding work progress and operational problems. Notify supervisor of employee performance and conduct.

Perform miscellaneous duties in the care and cleaning of university buildings: sweep floors with broom and dust mops, empty trash receptacles, clean ash cans, spot wash walls, dust furniture, clean windows, sweep and shovel snow from building entrances, clean drinking fountains, wash blackboard, replenish chalk and other related duties. Clean assigned rooms, halls, entrances, stairways and elevators. May occasionally perform general housekeeping tasks requiring standing on stools, benches, stepladders or fixed furniture. Reasonable safety standards are to be observed in the performance of work above ground or floor level. May replace light bulbs. May wet-mop floors, prepare floors for waxing, apply wax and buff floors. Prepare rooms for meetings by setting up chairs, tables and necessary equipment; vacuum carpet, polish metal and order custodial supplies as needed. May be assigned work in areas requiring special use of disinfectants, cleaning techniques and sanitation procedures (such as in hospital isolation rooms, operating rooms, recovery rooms and laboratories). Clean and stock restrooms continually through the day: wet-mop floors, clean and disinfect sinks, stools and commodes; clean and polish mirrors, wash walls and restock restrooms with supplies required. Perform miscellaneous duties such as making beds, collecting and distributing towels and linens, supplying rooms with soap, and drinking glasses and other similar items. Report breakages, damages, thefts and items in need of repair. May perform building security duties such as locking and unlocking doors, checking windows, turning lights on or off, etc., report items that need repair to superior. May inform students, employees and the public of housekeeping regulations. Because of necessary fluctuations of workloads, an incumbent in this class may be required, on an occasional basis and according to need, to perform duties outside his/her area at a level of skill the same as or lower than required by his/her ordinary assignment. Normal safety requirements, scheduling and the most efficient use of staff and equipment are taken into consideration in such assignments. Perform all characteristic duties of the respective classification.

Because of the necessary fluctuation of workloads in the skill area, an incumbent of this class may be required on an occasional basis and according to need, to perform duties outside his/her trade area. Normal safety requirements, scheduling and the most efficient use of staff and equipment are taken into consideration in such assignments, other department employees, and University staff, students, and the public.



Under general supervision, receives verbal and/or written instructions as needed for work to be performed.


May provide functional supervision.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired is necessary.

One year of work experience within the respective classification.  Persons working in this classification must be able to: read and write and comprehend typical communications with supervisors and management.  Demonstrated ability to identify problems, recommend solutions, effectively convey and receive information, and make efficient and effective operational decisions.  Must also meet specific requirements as listed in the classification specifications.  Ability to work with others: supervisors, staff, staff groups, customers, and general public.  Demonstrated ability to work within a team setting.

Full Time/Part Time

Full time position


$15.21 / hour.


Monday through Friday.

Application Deadline

Open until filled.

Apply Online


Please visit our website for position descriptions, minimum qualifications, and info on how to apply.


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