Standardized Patient (School of Medicine)

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Company: UMKC
Job ID: 35766
Location: UMKC Hospital Hill Campus
Hiring Department: School of Medicine – Medical Education Support Services, Clinical Training Facility

Job Description

Standardized Patients (SPs) portray patients and serve as models for students who are learning medical practice competencies, such as interviewing patients, performing physical examinations and/or interacting with family members.

SPs are trained to portray specific roles in a consistent (or “standardized”) manner so all learners receive the same cases as prescribed by faculty. During some encounters, learners may perform non-invasive physical exams, such as listening to the lungs, pressing on the abdomen or checking reflexes.

Additionally, SPs assess learners from the patient/family perspective, using objective checklists or participating in debriefing sessions as directed by faculty.  All UMKC SPs receive training from School of Medicine faculty in physical examination techniques and communication competencies, plus instruction in how to evaluate and give constructive feedback to learners.

Those selected for the standardized patient pool are eligible to be “cast” for upcoming SP events if they fit specific case profiles as requested by faculty. Availability of work is sporadic and on an as-needed basis only

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants must possess the following skills:

  • Dependability and punctuality with event assignments
  • Professionalism when interacting with learners, faculty/staff and SP peers
  • Ability to follow written, verbal and web-based instruction
  • Accurate memory for case details
  • Accurate memory to evaluate learners after each scenario
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfort with wearing a hospital gown (with undergarments beneath) during SP events
  • Comfort with allowing learners to conduct general physical exams repeatedly
  • Comfort with sessions being recorded for faculty assessments of learners or for learners to review later


Applicants must have the potential to develop the following skills with training and feedback:

  • Ability to consistently portray the role of a patient with a specific case presentations
  • Ability to improvise in character without changing relevant conditions of the case
  • Ability to deliver constructive, written and verbal feedback to learners
  • Ability to incorporate feedback from faculty/staff into subsequent role portrayals and evaluations
  • Flexibility with assisting as facilitators and proctors during large-scale SP events

Full Time/Part Time

Part time, as needed



Apply Online

Please visit our website for position descriptions, minimum qualifications, and info on how to apply.

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