Tours and Rec Floor Lead

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Job Summary
In addition to their regular role and duties, a Tours & Rec Floor Lead is a customer facing leader, taking
on additional responsibilities such as serving as the Manger on Duty for opening and closing duties,
supervising daily activities, and carrying out special projects as assigned by management. A Floor Lead is
an exemplary ambassador for Tours & Rec, and Boulevard at large. Above all else, their primary duty is
to be on the floor, leading by example, and to be present and available for guests and team members.
A Floor Lead should uphold all service and cleaning standards to the highest degree, and assure that
those working on the floor during their shift do the same. They are also responsible for team
communication during their shift, assuring every team member has the information they need to
perform their duties and execute flawless customer service. They must address and diffuse any
employee or public issues that might occur during the shift. They are the last line of defense, and
ultimately responsible, for making sure their area of the Tours & Rec Center is open or closed for
business in a complete, efficient, and safe way.

 Perform their primary role to an outstanding level – lead by example for fellow teammates in
areas of customer service, work efficiency, and Boulevard knowledge.
 Be efficient in conflict resolution in daily situations as they arise: correcting behavior of team
members in the moment if necessary, and being the point of contact for customer service
issues, including dealing with unhappy or difficult customers in a positive and professional
 Make communication a top priority: work with other opening managers to gather correct and
complete information about the day’s business. Represent specific department at Tours & Rec
team-wide morning meeting and communicate all pertinent information for the day to entire
Tours & Rec staff.
 Assure each team member, at the start of their shift, has the necessary information about the
day’s business to execute their job duties. This includes but is not limited to: reservations,
specials and events, new beers, special projects, occurring not only in their area but other areas
of the Tours & Rec Center as well.
 Be detail oriented, assuring specific area (Beer Hall, Rec Deck, Gift Shop or Tour areas) is
completely open, clean and ready for the day’s business before the morning meeting.
 Uphold visual and environmental standards of Tours & Rec: before opening, assure all signage,
floor settings, displays and merchandise are accurate and in good condition. Assure lighting and
music are on and appropriate prior to morning meeting and throughout the day.
 Assign side work and special projects to team members and assure their execution. Check team
members out at the completion of their shifts.
 Perform a walkthrough of space at open or close to create a task list of special projects or
repairs needed. Communicate to management and logistics as needed.
 Make staffing decisions according to business such as posting open shifts, rotating employees,
and cutting shifts.
 Manage cash drawers and POS including preparing and picking up change orders, opening and
closing cash drawers, settling batches and preparing deposits as needed.
 Add new items to POS (Aloha and Square buttons, Lightspeed receiving, etc) or adjust prices or
availability in systems as needed
 Assure closing is completed in accordance to Tours & Rec standards, including: last call/last
transactions being called at the correct time, remaining guests interacted with in a friendly and
professional manner, all closing cleaning duties executed completely and efficiently, and
assuring the Tours & Rec Center is closed securely and team members practice safety in leaving
the building.
 Execute training as determined by Leadership
 Work on special projects as assigned by Manager

 Strong customer service and communication skills and friendly demeanor
 Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks utilizing POS system, including opening and
closing duties
 Conflict resolution skills, including correcting employee behavior and customer complaints or
disturbances positively and professionally
 Strong floor presence, desire to engage with guests
 Extremely detail oriented
 Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment
 Able to learn menu and speak knowledgably about food items
 Alignment to company culture and values
 Able to process orders and count change in event of system error
 Weekend and night work required
 Ability to stand and walk a majority of the time

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