KC BEST Initiative

The KC BEST Initiative focuses on supporting/enhancing community small businesses through the inclusion and utilization of technology/digital application; in order to catalyze overall performance. Bringing accessibility to over 500+ resource solutions, services, and expertise purposed to reach the aligned goals of each business.


KC’s Small Business community is more robust and innovative today than ever before. SB’s represent an important part of our growing society and are increasingly adopting new technologies to help unlock untapped opportunities in business, entrepreneurship, etc. In order to reach new heights for the KC community, the work needing to be done is accessibility of resources and streamlining incorporation of the technological eco-system.


BEST’s focus is having an unlimited amount of resources accessible and tailored to each business’ specific needs. The differentiation resides in the core mission, which is to achieve growth and scale for each and every individual in Kansas City. BEST’s emphasis to generate return by catalyzing Digital & Online presence, Ecommerce performance, and integrating Financial & Managerial structures in order to achieve the business’ capability for scale.



Most pivotal area of emphasis, we focus on utilizing technology to catalyze business performance. Opening new competitive advantages with this, it specifies the tactics in order to achieve each business’ goals. Our assurance resides in the ease of tracking/measuring progress throughout for efficient sustainability of each strategy.
(1.1) Digital Diligence Report + Insight Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • Website Performance Audit
  • 3rd-Party Integration + Site Navigation Evaluation
  • Key Citation Report
  • Corporate Advertising Profile Status
  • Reputation (Local) Analysis
(1.2) Full-Scale Visual Production
  • Full Video/Photo Content Production
  • Graphic + Motion-Graphic Design (Brand Enhancement)
  • Digital Marketing/Advertising Content Creation
(1.3) Online Presence Enhancement
  • Website Redesign/Development
    1. Copyright
    2. Multi-Lingual
    3. Mobile Application
  • Social Media Platforms
  • CMS, Data Management, Admin. Development + Enhancement


Our resources cover all aspects of the digital commerce cycle. From payment gateway to back-end security to managerial integration; in order to streamline operations and workflow. With unlimited optionality, each solution or strategy is dependent on most optimal for the specific business.
(2) Ecommerce Integration + Incorporation
  • Payment Processing, POS, Revenue Collection
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • UX/CX (User/Customer Experience)
  • Online Security + Risk-Management
  • Mobile Compatibility + Optimization
  • Data Management/Utilization
  • Advertising + Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketplace
  • Platform Maintenance + Support
  • Supply Chain + Inventory Management


Financial knowledge and management runs throughout the entirety of the business lifecycle. In its complexity, we focus on the accessibility through information, expertise, and tools.
(3.1) Operations + Infrastructure
  • Employee + Workforce Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Risk-Management + Insurance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Asset Management
  • IT + Software
(3.2) Financial Management + Optimization
  • Spend + Expense Management
  • Cashflow + Liquidity Management
  • Cost Optimization + Budgeting
  • Payroll, Tax, & Accounting
  • Capital Acquisition + Fundraising
    • Loan/Debt
    • Equity/Crowd Sourcing
    • Grant/Gov’t Funding


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