The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City was founded in 1977 by twenty-five Hispanic business leaders who envisioned the need for an organization that would represent their interests before the public and private sectors. The organization aimed at developing a business network that would provide the Hispanic business community with cohesion and strength while promoting economic growth and development of its member businesses and the community they serve.

The Birthplace of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Under the leadership and vision of Kansas City business man Hector Barreto Sr. the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was chartered on 1979 making Kansas City the birth of the national Hispanic chamber. Hector Barreto will serve of president of the national Hispanic Chamber for ten years and with the help of President Ronald Reagan the United State Hispanic Chamber offices would move to Washington DC.

Since its inception, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has worked towards the development of its members and in promoting business relationships between Coporate America and the Hispanic businesses community in Kansas City and throught the Nation.

In recent years, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has created programming for our small business members that has been an integral part of building their capacity and developing business skills. The programming ranges from business planning, procurement, MBE/WBE certification process, franchising, sales and marketing,  and financial planning. We are constantly seeking new avenues to provide timely informational training for our membership to compete more fully and succeed in today’s business environment.

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